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Missing Shingles?

At Apex Roofing and Construction we have discussed this before however, its important to reiterate that missing shingles are a big deal. Shingles can come off due to old age or high winds. In some instances your homeowners insurance policy can cover the cost of a new roof. Different insurance carriers have different requirements. Most insurance companies require a certain number of shingles to be damaged before agreeing to cover the replacement costs of a new roof. A lot of time there is a battle between the adjuster and roofer. The insurance adjusters job is to avoid paying as much as possible for a new roof. The roofers job is to show the damage and be your advocate. Almost all roofing companies require you to sign an agreement before helping you file an insurance claim since its a lot of work administratively.

With insurance adjusters there is often some disagreement with what constitutes wind damage. So in the photo below we have included a photo of a roof with wind damage in Rockville, Maryland. Can you spot the missing shingles?

This house in Potomac, Maryland also has some missing shingles. You will notice how the missing shingles are primarily on one side of the property which is due to the wind direction. This homeowner attempted previous repairs however these shingles were discontinued so they were unable to find an exact match. The wind damage, along with the fact they no longer make these shingles is a strong argument for a new roof through insurance. Putting a shingle that doesn't match would negatively affect the value of this million dollar home.

So in conclusion, if your roof looks like this and you are in need of a licensed professional roofing company in Maryland, then please do give us a call so we can explore your options. We are always here to help!

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