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Apex Decks & Patios in Germantown, MD

Are You Enjoying Every Inch of Your Home?

Your home is your most important investment. A deck or patio will allow you to enjoy the outdoors within the privacy of your home. Plus a deck or patio in Germantown, MD will help with the value and resale of your home!!


 As part of our premier exterior services, we offer our clients quality composite decks and patios. Our estimates are FREE


We only use quality materials and offer excellent workmanship for all of our exterior work projects.

Service Description

Getting a new patio installed is an exciting step. You’re about to totally recreate your outdoor entertainment area. However, it’s a fairly big step, too. You need a deck-building consultation in Germantown, MD before you commit to a plan.

At Apex Roofing, we offer free deck-building estimates for patios, decks, and porches.

First, you’ll need to contact us, obviously. We’ll schedule a consultation appointment that meets your needs. This is usually within a couple of days, but it might take longer depending on how busy the season is and what your schedule is.

Then, we’ll send in a professional team to assess your planned project, discuss exactly what you want, and ultimately, quote you a price for the project. This is free to you, and there is no commitment to follow through.

Contact Details

Getting a bad patio job done is a costly expense that leaves you disappointed. For that reason, you want to work with the best company around. In Germantown, Maryland, that’s Apex Roofing.

The Apex Roofing team is dedicated to providing all our clients with top-quality results the first time around. We are primarily focused on craftsmanship, results, and customer service. We have a long-standing reputation with the Maryland community, and we consistently provide the finest deck building and patio services in the area. We can custom craft the deck or patio of your dreams.

Contact us today if you need a new patio or deck built, or for free deck estimates.

Do You Want a New Deck?

A new deck isn’t something most people would consider a necessity, but it does impact the overall quality of your home dramatically.


First, you will enjoy an entirely new outdoor look and focal point for your front or back yard. If your yard is mostly just a plain yard, you’ll be amazed by how much a new patio can make it stand out. This doesn’t just benefit you. It can help increase your property value and make the home worth more if you ever decide to sell.

On top of that, you gain a superior outdoor entertainment area. You’ll be able to enjoy family barbeques, relaxing afternoons, family gatherings, or even just a sweet couple’s moment on your new patio or deck. There is a lot more value behind a patio than you might think, and it definitely increases your enjoyment of your home’s outdoor areas.

Don’t Know What Type of Deck You Want?

There are a lot of deck and patio options available, and you can basically customize each one to your heart’s content. As such, you might have a little trouble understanding what’s going to work best for you. Do you want a simple concrete patio? What about a stone porch? Maybe you want an elaborate wooden deck with special features.

If you’re having trouble determining the type of deck you want, contact us for our free deck-building estimate in Germantown, MD. Our team will help you make that hard decision, explain the pros and cons of each option, and of course, give you a free quote.

Our ESTIMATES ARE FREE and there is no obligation!

We Offer Financing!

You work hard for your home, but why not enjoy every inch of the space available by building a deck or patio? At Apex Roofing and Construction, we educate our clients about our services, and will never pressure you to sign a contract until you are comfortable and ready! 

We offer very competitive financing terms!

Our prices are very competitive. We even encourage our clients to get multiple quotes for comparison purposes. We offer low prices and exceptional workmanship. We have served new home builders in Maryland. Now we are offering our work directly to the homeowner.

Why We're the #1 Choice of Homeowners for Deck Building in Germantown, MD

Qualified Installers

Our team of technicians knows how to install decks and patios correctly.

Quality Materials

Using quality materials is important when installing a deck or patio. We only use brands we trust such as TREX or Azek!

100% Satisfaction

We educate our clients so that they know the entire process. We walk you through each step in the process. We believe communication is key!

Our Charities

We believe in supporting our community through donations and volunteer work with local charities.


Platoon 22

Platoon 22 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the alarming rate of veteran suicide in the United States. Founded with the mission to raise awareness and provide support for veterans facing mental health challenges, Platoon 22 advocates for effective mental health care options and works to address the underlying issues that contribute to the high incidence of suicide among veterans. Through fundraising, advocacy, and direct support programs, Platoon 22 aims to reduce the number of veteran suicides, offering hope and vital resources to those who have served their country and now find themselves in need of assistance.


Nourish Now

Nourish Now is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing hunger and reducing food waste. Based in Maryland, it focuses on collecting surplus fresh food from restaurants, caterers, and other food providers, which would otherwise go to waste. Nourish Now redistributes this food to families in need, shelters, food banks, and other social service organizations. By bridging the gap between food excess and scarcity, Nourish Now not only helps alleviate hunger in its community but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing food waste. Its efforts emphasize the importance of nourishment and food security as fundamental rights, aiming to create a more sustainable and equitable food system for all.

Let’s Maximize The Living Space Of Your Property

Maximize the living space of your property by building a deck or patio for your home. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather within the peace and tranquility of your home.

Apex decks in Potomac, MD.
Decks Potomac, MD.
Patios Potomac, MD.


We use only the Best Building Products


Financing Available!

Pay as little as $0 dollars down and enjoy LOW PAYMENTS. Why wait? We offer extremely flexible financing with affordable monthly payment options for qualified homeowners.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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