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Shingles Missing?

So in the last few days in the DMV we have been bombarded with wind and rain. These two elements together foster an environment where roofs start to show their age or unexpected damages occur. In this article we, at Apex Roofing and Construction in Maryland are going to go over some common items to look for starting with the most obvious.

There is a Leak

Well the first indication that there is something wrong with your roof. You will often see a leak showing up in the ceiling. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean shingles have been blow off etc. It could be various different issues such as bad vent pipe collars or unmaintained flashing. If you have a ladder do check the seals around the flashing and the seals around the vent pipe collars as this is the most common cause for leaks. Please be safe and do not do this in the rain to avoid injury.

Missing shingles

If you have found shingles in your yard then there is a good chance that the shingles are from your home or one of your neighbors. If you have a ladder, check for missing shingles. Even better, if you have a drone and are not in a No Fly Zone (NFZ), fly around your roof and look for missing shingles. When shingles are missing you will often see a blank spot where there is no shingle. Again, we at Apex Roofing and Construction can take a look for you at no charge and provide you your options. There are many instances where you can file an insurance claim with your insurance carrier for a full replacement. You will still be responsible for the cost of your deductible. There are some roofers that will waive the deductible which is illegal. If you want a roofer willing to bend the rules, then there is no telling what corners they are going to cut while they are on your roof.

Tree Branches

Believe it or not, tree branches can do a lot of damage to a roof. With the high winds we have experienced in the last twenty four hours in Maryland we have had a lot of Montgomery County Maryland residents call us to report tree branches damaging their homes. A lot of these branches have hit many of these roofs, to the point where it penetrated the roof decking. This sort of repair is very labor intensive since we have to remove the damaged shingles in order to change any decking. Then once the decking is replaced, we have to reapply a new underlayment, and shingles to complete the repair work. The good news is at Apex Roofing and Construction we only use Owens Corning products and use their synthetic underlayment products which are great at repelling water from a roof.

So, one way to prevent many of these issues is to have roof maintenance done at least once or twice a year. This entails checking the integrity of your shingles, the vent pipe collars, and all your flashing. Also be sure to clean your gutters as we approach winter since you want those gutters clear of debris before winter comes. Last, be cognizant of any trees that seem to be hanging over your roof. As always call or text us at (301) 284-8127 or send us an email at,

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