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#1 Wallpaper Installation Services In Chevy Chase, MD

Ready to Make Your Walls More Beautiful with Professional Wallpaper Installation?

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Quality Work

At Apex Roofing and Construction, we provide professional wallpaper installation services with great detail and care.

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Expert Team

Most walls may look flat but our wallpaper technicians have the expertise to install your wallpaper correctly by laser aligning your wallpaper.

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If you need advice or an online estimate regarding your wallpaper simply contact us below.

Service Description

Our wallpaper services in Chevy Chase, Maryland are designed to make things as smooth as possible for our clients. The pre-service process that includes a free wallpaper estimate is designed to save you time and let us get through the pre-project necessities as quickly as possible.

However, it is still a process.

First, we send a team of professionals out to your property to determine what is needed, the scope of the project, and other key details that will affect the project going forward.

Our team will also need you to provide basic information about yourself. This isn’t anything too invasive. They simply need to know who you are, have a way to contact you, and know your general schedule so the project can be planned appropriately.

Finally, you’ll receive a consultation appointment. This is where our team will discuss the projected plans, discuss scheduling with you, and provide an accurate price quote. This doesn’t happen right away, because it does take a little time to gain an understanding of what your wallpaper project needs, but you should expect the onsite consultation to take place a day or two after you call, but it might take more time if it’s particularly busy.

Contact Details

When you need work done on your wallpaper, or you need an entirely new set of high-quality wallpaper installed, you can’t afford to get lackluster results. New wallpaper might not be a major investment on its own, but it greatly impacts the appearance of your home. If it isn’t done properly, it can be a costly issue in the future and unenjoyable.

Apex Roofing lets you be at ease by offering the finest wallpaper installation services in Chevy Chase, Maryland. We have a dedicated team of professionals who know how to put you first, a wide variety of wallpaper options to meet all our client's needs, and of course, a long-standing reputation for being the very best.

If you need a wallpaper project handled. Don’t trust anyone but the best. Contact Apex Roofing today.

Why You Should Install New Wallpapers

While Apex Roofing obviously focuses on roofing and roofing-related projects, we believe in offering a comprehensive service to our clients.

Wallpaper installations are one way we go above and beyond, but why should you install new wallpaper in your home?

There are actually several reasons.

  • First, it can completely reinvent your living space. It might not seem like it, but the wallpaper you use has a major impact on the look of your living area, and it can make a space that looks and feels small suddenly seem much more spacious, cheery, or otherwise enjoyable.

  • Then, there’s the fact that it renews the room’s look. Wallpaper gets old, develops blemishes and stains, and otherwise leaves your home looking less well-managed than it is. New wallpaper can instantly make your home look good as new.

  • However, there is a more important reason than simply enhancing your home's interior appearance. You might also discover problems that have developed out of sight. This is especially true if you have a leaky roof or a similar problem.


Wallpaper installation services in Potomac, MD.

Wallpaper Isn't Easy to Install

Some wallpaper is a lot harder to install than others. Wallpapers with various patterns or designs need to be installed properly in order to get that certain look you want in your home or office. Call us to have installed right the first time or to get a free consultation!

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Our Recent Work


My wife purchased wallpaper for our baby room. I attempted the installation on own but really botched it.  The wallpaper was also expensive.  So we reordered more and Apex Roofing and Construction redid the installation for us. Should have used them the first time!

― Benjamin
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Sample Wallpaper Pricing

For Residential Services:

  • Minimum Charge of $250 and this covers 83 square feet of wallpaper installation.

  • Additional wallpaper is installed at $3 dollars a square foot once the $250 minimum is met.

  • Bathrooms are subject to an additional charge of $100 due to complexity.

  • Ceilings are at $6 dollars a square foot once the $250 minimum is met.

  • In the event enough wallpaper isnt ordered a return trip fee of $75 dollars is incurred

Give New Design To Your Walls

Want to redecorate your home without spending a ton of money on new furniture? Wallpaper installation is a great way to redecorate your home at a reasonable cost!

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The best way to get a free estimate is to email us so we can answer all your questions.  Tell us about the size of your wall and we can give you an estimate. Contact us below or text us at (301)284-8127. 

Its that easy! 

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